KAS token url to integrate to Metamask problem


I registered Klaytn API Service and I would like to connect my Metamask account to Klaytn cypress node But KAS currently don’t have any format like infura.io or any other Node 3rd service.

I would like to have a HTTP endpoint like
to easiler to connect metamask. Thanks!

@tobilova You can simply use authority described in rfc3986.

More specifically, you add a test network into your metamask as https://{your-kas-auth}:{your-kas-secret}@node-api.klaytnapi.com/v1/klaytn?chain-id=8217.

In above URL, 8217 indicates the chain ID of Klaytn Cypress network as you know.
If you want to connect to Testnet, you can change it to 1001(Baobab’s chain ID).

You have to pay attention to the following things.

  • If you are using credentials issued before June, authentication may fail due to a URL incompatible credential.
  • If you publicly disclose your credential, you may incur a lot of charges.
    • To avoid overcharge, you can use KAS Project service that limits the scope of your secure credential.

Thank you so much. I didn’t know we can put chain-id=8217 as params instead of header value